Do inflatable hot tubs have jets

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets | All Myths Dispelled

Jets are the primary distinguishing feature of hot tubs. However, do inflatable hot tubs have jets? The answer to this question may influence your decision regarding the purchase because one of the criteria for choosing a model may be the presence, type, and massage intensity of the nozzles.

We will not waste your time and answer this question briefly – yes, they have jets, but with some nuances. Among them, it is worth considering the following points:

  • Type of jets and their differences
  • Number of jets
  • Ability to run them with a heater simultaneously
  • Jets’ power consumption.

You will receive comprehensive answers to all the mentioned-above points further in our article.

Let’s get started.

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Inflatable hot tubs can provide you with a strong message like regular spas. Explore our article and find the best inflatable hot tubs with real hydro jets.

How Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work

How Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work

When discussing the functionality of inflatable hot tubs, it is essential to consider the inflation/deflation process, water circulation, water heating, and massage capabilities.

  • Inflation/deflation. The new inflatable hot tubs come with automatic or hand air pumps. To inflate it, you should select a place for installation (preferably use a hot tub base to avoid heat loss and punctures), plug in the pump, and inflate it. You don’t have to worry about the hot tub bursting, as the newer models have a pressure gauge. As for deflation, you should attach a T joint to the air pump and run it.
  • Water circulation. The inflatable hot tub uses a 0.7 kW heater, which is half the power of hard-shell models. However, they can filter two volumes of water per hour, which is enough to maintain its cleanness.
❗️ Pro tip:
Inflatable hot tubs can run 24/7. Therefore, if you use them frequently (more than twice a week), you can keep the pump running to save up to $1 per day!
  • Water heating. Inflatable hot tubs typically feature 1–1.2 kW heaters that can be powered using a 110-120V socket. As for hard-shell models, they usually use 220–240V sockets, so they have up to four times more powerful heaters. Therefore, it imposes some restrictions on inflatable hot tubs. However, you can leave your inflatable hot tub for 2–3 hours a day heating the water, as it maintains temperature constantly.
  • Massage. Inflatable hot tubs feature two types of jets – air and hydro. They provide different massage types that allow you to cope with both fatigue and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Below we will describe their principle and differences in more detail.

How Do Jets Work

How Do Jets Work

Hot tub jets create bubbles or a water stream with air released from the bottom or side of the tub. Depending on the type of jet (air or hydro), their principle is different.

  • Air jets. The air pump sucks in air through valves located on the tub surface. Then it passes through the tubes along the jets located at the bottom. Air releases from the bottom and creates a whirlpool effect.
  • Hydro jets. They in an inflatable hot tub require an extra pump to supply water to the jets. Before leaving the nozzles, the high-pressure water flows in a thick tube and mixes with the air. Then the tube narrows, so the pressure decreases, and the flow rate increases.

What Is The Difference Between Air And Hydro Jets

What Is the Difference Between Air and Hydro Jets

Air and hydro jets provide a completely different experience from use and massage. Earlier, we briefly explained the difference between the principle of air and hydro jets. Therefore, further, we can compare other characteristics.

  • Massage. With air jets, the inflatable hot tub produces soft, bubbling massages that gently envelop the body. Hydro jets provide a strong effect due to high-speed water flow, which creates a point pressure on a specific skin area. Therefore, the first jet type is suitable for relaxation, and the second is a good fit for diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system and for relieving muscle tension.
  • Cost. Compared to hard-shell models with hydro jets, hot tubs with air jets are typically seven to ten times less expensive. While inflatable hot tubs with hydro jets are only one and a half times more expensive than those with air jets.
  • Operational costs. The cost for daily and time-to-time use of air and hydro jets is different by about $5 per month because inflatable hot tubs with hydro jets have an additional pump that supplies water to the jets, so they consume more electricity.
πŸ’‘ Note:
We recently created a detailed comparison of air jets and hydro jets. Understanding their differences will help you decide when choosing a hot tub.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets

Many of us dream of owning a hot tub for relaxation and rejuvenation, but the cost of hard-shell models can be prohibitive. Inflatable hot tubs offer a more affordable option, but some may wonder whether they offer the same luxurious features, such as jets. Discovering if inflatable hot tubs have jets is a common question for those seeking the spa experience at home without the high price tag.

Inflatable hot tubs have jets! The new models have both air jets and hydro jets. The design of inflatable hot tubs often requires engineers to make compromises to create functional and affordable models.

However, these features are not disadvantages but, as a user and future owner, you should be aware of them not to spoil the user experience.

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Discover the top-quality inflatable hot tub models with hydro jets, carefully selected through rigorous QC analysis. Find the perfect hot tub solution for your relaxation needs without sacrificing affordability or functionality.

How Many Jets Should It Have

Through user experience analysis, we can determine the optimal number of jets for inflatable hot tubs. Our evaluation process led us to choose four hot tub models (two with air jets and two with hydro jets), each a winner in the most efficient massage category. Then, we compared the ratio of available jets to capacity to ensure the best possible spa experience.

Inflatable hot tub with air jets
Inflatable hot tub with air jets
Inflatable hot tub with air and hydro jets
Inflatable hot tub with air and hydro jets
Number of jets1st model100 air jets180 air jets and 10 hydro jets
2nd model120 air jets114 air Jets and 8 hydro jets
Capacity1st model4 people5 people
2nd model2 people4 people
Number of jets per person1st model25 jets36 air jets and 2 hydro jets
2nd model60 jets29 air jets and 2 hydro jets
βœ… Verdict43 jets per person33 air jets and 2 hydro jets

Can Jets Work With A Heater Simultaneously

The inflatable hot tubs use 1–1.5 kW electric heaters, which plug into a 110-120V outlet. In such devices, the heater and jets cannot work simultaneously because one outlet cannot provide energy to two devices.

However, don’t worry, as the water temperature drops by an average of 2–4Β°F per hour of jet use. Therefore, you will have enough time to soak with bubbles. Also, heaters of inflatable hot tubs consume up to four times less electricity than 4 kW hard-shell hot tub heaters.

Can I Adjust the Jets

The ability to adjust the jets depends on their type. We have previously indicated that there are two main types – air and hydro jets. However, we can divide the second one into five subtypes. Next, we suggest you explore the ability to adjust each jet’s type.

Jet typeHow it worksPossibility to adjust it
Air jetsBubbleBubble❌
Hydro jetsPulsatorPulsator❌
πŸ’‘ Note:
We’ve already described each jet type in our recent article about air jets and hydro jets, so you can explore it and be 100% aware!

How Much Energy Do Jets Consume

The power consumption of jets in inflatable hot tubs depends on their type. For example, air jets have one air pump responsible for creating bubbles. Hydro jets also have one pump with more power, which allows them to create a fast water flow.

Below, we compare the energy consumption of air and hydro jets installed in inflatable hot tubs, taking into account the fact that users turn them on for about an hour, and an average cost of 1 kW/hour is 13.04 cents.

* Important to note that inflatable hot tubs with hydro jets also have built-in air jets. Therefore, we will evaluate the use of systems separately and together.

Jet typePower rateCost per hour of use
Air jets110–120 V6.5 A715–780 W$0.09–$0.1
Hydro jets110–120 V12 A1.3–1.4 kW$0.17–$0.18
Hydro jets with air jets110–120 V12 A + 6.5 A715–780 W + 1.3–1.4 kW$0.26–$0.28
βœ… Verdict:
The cost of using jets is very little. Even if you run them each day for an hour, you will spend about $2.7–$8.4 per month (it’s like 1–3 cups of coffee in Starbucks).

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It?

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs Worth It

Inflatable hot tubs offer a pleasurable experience by providing comfortable conditions for relaxation and massage, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the soothing benefits of a spa without leaving the comfort of your own home.

They are worth your attention if you are in one of the following categories:

  • Your hot tub budget does not exceed $1,200
  • You are a newbie and want to experience the benefits of hot tubs
  • You may want to move the hot tub frequently (e.g., install it indoors and outdoors)
  • You count on low operating costs (chemicals, electricity, etc.).


Inflatable hot tubs with air and hydro offer a range of massage types that can aid in the prevention and treatment of various ailments. Moreover, the cost of using them is up to half that of those in hard-shell models because their voltage is half that.

For those seeking a quality massage experience, inflatable hot tubs may seem like a compromise. However, with hydro jets that are comparable to those found in hard-shell models, some inflatable hot tubs offer a high-quality massage experience. Moreover, the cost of these inflatable options can be seven to ten times less than hard-shell models, making them an affordable option without compromising on the massage effect.

The final choice is yours!

πŸ’‘ Note:
Want to explore the best inflatable hot tubs with real hydro jets based on user reviews? Explore our article and find real insights.


πŸš€ How many jets do inflatable hot tubs have?

Inflatable hot tubs have 100 to 200 jets, depending on capacity. Also, according to our analysis, hot tubs that provide the best massage experience have 40–50 per person.

🚿 Do inflatable hot tubs have water jets?

Yes, inflatable hot tubs have water jets. Their number varies from 2 to 10 depending on the capacity. However, hot tubs that provide the best massage have a minimum of 2 per person.

❓ Are inflatable hot tubs comfortable?

The walls and floors of inflatable hot tubs are padded, and additional features like headrests and seats can also be included. Therefore, we can consider them as comfortable.

πŸͺ‘ Do inflatable hot tubs pop easily?

Most inflatable hot tubs are made from multilayer PVC that can withstand a puncture from your pet’s claws. However, you should install hot tubs on the base to minimize the chance of punctures.

πŸ•˜ What is the lifespan of inflatable hot tubs?

The average service life of inflatable hot tubs is five years. Also, you can use a hot tub base and the proper set of chemicals to make it last longer.

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