Marlig Fix-A-Leak Pro Sealant – Professional-Grade Solution for Quick Fixes


Discover the power of Marlig Fix-A-Leak, the premier spa leak sealer by Marlig Industries. Specially designed for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs, this 32 oz solution is your go-to product for efficient leak repairs.


Easy Application: With the pump running, slowly introduce FIX-A-LEAK through the skimmer or any other suction intake. Adjust suction to the main drain for optimal results.
Versatile Use: Whether you have a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, FIX-A-LEAK is suitable for various applications. Its heavy composition ensures it sinks quickly to the lowest point for effective sealing.
Hassle-Free Maintenance: After application, stir FIX-A-LEAK back into suspension manually with a pool broom or automatically with an automated pool cleaner every 4-6 hours during water circulation.
Rapid Leak Stoppage: Once the leak has ceased, allow 24-48 hours for proper curing before returning to normal filtration. For sand filters, set the filter valve to filter and resume normal operation, backwashing out any unused FIX-A-LEAK as needed.
Suction Leak Solution: FIX-A-LEAK effectively addresses suction leaks characterized by air mixed with water at the return fittings. Normal circulation draws the solution to the leak, providing a lasting fix.
Note: Never allow cartridges or DE elements to dry before cleaning. Ensure proper rinsing of unused FIX-A-LEAK from the filter, maintaining optimal performance.

Invest in the best with Marlig Fix-A-Leak and enjoy a reliable, long-lasting solution for spa and hot tub leaks. Order yours today and experience the difference!






Fix-A-Leak 32 oz


Marlig Industries

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Marlig Fix-A-Leak – Your Ultimate Solution for Spa and Hot Tub Leaks (32 oz)


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