how to drain hot tub fast

How To Drain Hot Tubs Quickly: Your Time-Saving Guide

Imagine chilling in your hot tub after a long, stressful day to wash away your worries. But instead of surrounding yourself with a soothing oasis of warm water, you’re confronted with foamy and unattractive water. Don’t worry, we’ve thought of this problem too. The solution here is to drain your hot tub. But don’t worry, draining a hot tub can be a relatively speedy task! By continuing to read, you’ll find all the instructions on how to drain your hot tub quickly and safely. So let’s not waste any time; let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Why Is It Necessary To Drain Your Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a place to relax and forget about the chaos of the outside world. But, as with any other appliance, it needs to be regularly maintained. But what are the benefits of draining? All the harmful bacteria, oils, and other debris that may accumulate over time are washed away. Don’t neglect to drain your hot tub from time to time. Everyone likes enjoying clean bubbles with a peaceful mind!

We want you to spend less time draining, so in our research, you’ll find 3 drain pumps that will benefit you the most!

Frequency of Draining Your Hot Tub

How often should I drain my hot tub? Let’s figure it out! To start with, ask yourself these questions: How frequently is your hot tub used? How many people use it? And how well do you maintain it? The universal answer, which will be suitable for the majority of cases, is to drain your hot tub once every three months. But depending on what your answers are, the frequency may vary.

📌 Reminder.
Don’t forget to add draining to your hot tub maintenance checklist to keep it in top condition. This will help you enjoy a clean, bubbly, and healthy hot tub!

What May Cause the Need For A Drain?

Once you have added regular draining every three to four months to your maintenance routine, you may discover additional problems that indicate the need for a mandatory drain even more frequently.

One of the most common reasons is that the calcium and other minerals may lead to buildup on the walls of your hot tub. Pay attention to this, especially if you have hard water. Such buildups can negatively impact your hot tub’s heating system and may cause your filters to clog.

Most of you can relate to the second reason for draining: over-adding chemicals. You may accidentally increase some chemical levels (for example, cyanuric acid), which can be harmful to your skin and eyes, or to the hot tub in general.

how to drain hot tub fast

The water’s color and odor can also be signs that your hot tub is in need of an additional  draining, too, even if three have not yet passed. Reasons for these problems may include improper sanitation, low pH, old water, or formations of buildup. 

Also, keep in mind that there might be periods when you won’t be able to maintain your hot tub for a long time. For example, you may be planning a vacation, or it’s the off-season in your local area. Leaving your unused hot tub filled with water for long periods will lead to its stagnation. So to prevent any damage to your hot tub, simply drain it!

You may also encounter technical issues (such as a broken pump or a heater) that require you to drain the spa to fix or replace it.

Moreover, if your hot tub was a place for a bubbly party or there were more guests than usual, consider draining and refilling it to provide the best performance and cleanliness possible.

All in all, we want you to keep an eye on all of those signs to ensure that your hot tub is still doing its best and is attractive and healthy to use.

Proven Methods To Drain Your Hot Tub Quickly

Since we haven’t gone into the different draining methods yet, we’d like to give you some advice that will make this article even more helpful. You’re going to be draining all the water anyway, so do whatever you need to avoid wasting it

Why not flush your hot tub pipes? Simply add some flush line cleaner to make the maximum use of your hot tub water. Once the hot tub is completely drained, all you need to do is clean the shell to make your hot tub look and feel like new!

Draining Your Hot Tub With A Hose

Here’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to drain your hot tub. All you need is a hose and a place to drain the water.

Start by finding the drain valve (hint: it’s usually located at the bottom). Once you find the valve, connect the hose to it and make sure everything is tight.

Next, find a spot where you want the water to drain, so there will be a place to put the other end of the hose. 

When the hose is ready, turn off your hot tub (always think about safety) and open the drain valve. Now it’s time for your well-deserved break!

How much time will it take? Be ready to wait up to 2 hours. The moment your hot tub is empty, and you’re well-rested, don’t forget to clean the spa shell and filters to keep them as shiny and durable as possible.

how to drain hot tub fast

Super Fast Draining With a Submersible Pump

As you might imagine, using a submersible pump will save you hours of your life! They transport water much faster and more efficiently than hoses, which makes them advantageous for draining a large amount of water.

One of the disadvantages we see is that the probability of you having a garden hose is almost 100%, while you have to invest in a submersible pump to get all its benefits.

Using this superfast assistant is a breeze! Simply place on the bottom and press the button.

A submersible pump can reduce the draining time from a couple of hours to about 15 minutes! But even if you have to buy such a pump, you may need a little more time for setup and some basic maintenance.

Both a submersible pump and a hose have their pros and cons, but it all depends on your preferences, resources, and attitude toward maintenance.

Don’t waste time draining your hot tub with these 3 superfast drain pumps!

Where To Drain Hot Tub Water?

We have figured out how to drain your hot tub. But where is the best place to do it? Although the question may seem simple at first glance, in reality it’s not that obvious.

🧩 Tip:
Before starting, we recommend you drop the pH level to 0 to prevent any damage to the environment.

The first thought that comes to mind may be that you can drain the hot tub water into your backyard. This is a good option since you will benefit in other ways from the lost water. However, pay attention to the soil. Can it withstand this amount of water without negative consequences?.

If not, you can dig a hole, fill it with gravel, and drain the water there, so you and your neighbors won’t have problems with flooding.

how to drain hot tub fast

The next but equally popular place for drainage is the sewer system. With this option, too, you should be attentive, because local laws may prohibit you from using the storm drain for personal purposes.

Many people prefer to use a hose to reach a sink in the house so that the water can drain into it. What do we think about this method? Well, it’s not so bad, but if you have a septic system, such a large amount of water all at once can damage it.

🧩 Tip:
Consider connecting your hose or submersible pump to a sprinkler head. This may take a bit longer to drain a hot tub, but at least you’ll use the water with maximum benefit, as you will end up watering your backyard at the same time.

Mistakes to Avoid While Draining

Make sure to avoid these mistakes for smooth and quick draining of your hot tub.

🔌 Leaving the hot tub plugged in. Your jets may cause damage to your hot tub as the water level lowers. So don’t forget to turn off the power to ensure safety. 

⛲ Picking the wrong draining location. To make your draining process perfect, you should approach the drain placemen question with responsibility. Choosing the wrong place to drain your hot tub water may lead to some nasty troubles. 

Final Step: How to Clean Your Hot Tub?

A completely dry hot tub is a good opportunity for your shell to get cleaned! 

All you need to do is take a bucket and fill it with fresh water. Then simply add some cleaning solution. Look for any dirt on the hot tub shell and jets. Wipe it off with a sponge, and you’ll soon have the shiniest hot tub on the block! 

💭 Reminder:
Don’t forget to take out the hot tub filter too, and clean it with a blast from a garden hose with a spray head.

After all these steps, you’ll need to drain the dirty water one more time. Don’t worry, it will take just a couple of minutes. As a result, you’ll have a shining hot tub again, ready to fill with fresh water!

how to drain hot tub fast

How to Drain and Prepare Your Hot Tub for Winter

You may think that preparing a hot tub for winter has some special steps, but it doesn’t. The preparation is the same except for the last step – you shouldn’t refill your hot tub with fresh water. Also, read your hot tub instructions carefully, as it may recommend adding some antifreeze during extended periods of non-use.


Draining is a fundamental part of hot tub maintenance, whether it’s your regular procedure, a part of deep cleaning, or preparation for winter. This will positively influence your hot tub and make you even happier. Now, when you know how to drain a hot tub, it doesn’t seem to be so complicated, does it? Our instructions will help you to drain your hot tub quickly, safely, and smoothly, so there will be more time for you to relax. 


⏳ How Long Does It Take To Drain a Hot Tub With a Hose?

Draining a hot tub with a hose typically takes up to 2 hours, depending on the size of the tub and the strength of the water pressure.

⏱ How Long Should It Take To Drain a Hot Tub?

The time you may need to drain your hot tub depends on the method you use. For example, draining using a drain valve and a hose can take from 30 minutes to two hours, while a submersible pump will do the same job for 15 minutes.

🌊 How Do You Dump Water Out of a Hot Tub?

Firstly, you should choose the draining method. Do you have a submersible pump? If yes, just use it to save a lot of time. But if not, you can attach a garden hose to the drain valve and drain all the water to an appropriate place.

⛲ How Do You Drain a Hot Tub With a Hose?

To drain a hot tub with a hose, first, turn off the power and locate the drain valve. Connect the hose to the valve and open it to let the water drain out.

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