How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost: All Types and Sizes

Most people who want to buy an inground pool think that they can just go to the website of a plumbing store and find out the specific price. However, an inground pool is not a shower or even a hot tub, so it’s not that simple.

The cost of such pools is influenced by many factors, from the materials and size to the complexity of the installation of each individual model. In addition, there is a separate price list for plumbing, pumps, and protective coatings. So to form a specific price you need to consult with the master who will install your pool.

However, in order for you to have an idea of how much money you will have to shell out from your wallet for the purchase of an inground pool at all, we decided to write this article in which we analyze in detail on the basis of what the price is formed and how much easier your wallet will be if you buy an inground pool.

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Prices for 3 types of inground pools

The critical factor that affects the price of an inground pool is the material it is made of. There are 3 most popular materials used to make these pools.

Concrete pool — Best for large areas

Concrete pool — Best for large areas

Concrete inground pools are the best option for large yards. Basically, these are very large in size, premium-style pools that can last their owners for decades.

However, it is logical that such pools are the most expensive in the entire line of inground pools. On average, they cost between $50,000 and $100,000.

In addition, such pools are quite expensive to maintain. They must be cleaned regularly with special chemicals, flushed with acid, and plastered every 3-5 years. For 10 years of using such a pool, you should be willing to pay an average of $27500.

All in all, such pools are the best option for people who have a large yard and are willing to invest heavily in buying a pool.

Fibreglass pool — Best for creating beautiful outdoor space

Fiberglass pool

Fibreglass inground pools resemble glossy dimples. They are very aesthetic and create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Due to the glossy fibreglass material, swimming in such a pool is the most comfortable, since you do not have to hit your body against the hard walls, as is the case in concrete pools.

The price of such pools averages from $2,800 if you install the pool yourself to $50,000 for a turnkey pool purchase.

Maintenance of a fibreglass pool will range from $5,000 to $15,000 for 10 years. However, you should understand that the glossy surface of such a pool is very fragile and if it is damaged you will have to spend a significant amount to repair it.

All in all, inground fibreglass basins are the best option for people who prefer maximum comfort while swimming and are careful enough not to damage the fragile surface.

Vinyl pool — Best budget pool

Vinyl pool

If you don’t want to spend fifty thousand dollars on concrete or fibreglass, a good budget option might be a vinyl inground pool.

The price of such a pool is relatively low — about $28,000. Moreover, if you want, you can make your own pool body, by buying vinyl material in specialized stores.

The maintenance costs of such a pool are also much lower compared to other materials since vinyl surfaces are not deeply polluted. It is true that the body of vinyl pools can be covered with visible algae, but you do not have any difficulty with surface cleaning. The average maintenance cost over ten years is $14,500.

All in all, a vinyl inground pool is a great budget option for those who want to enjoy relaxing by the water and don’t want to spend too much money. 

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Inground pool cost by size

The average size of an inground pool is 14 feet by 28 feet. The price of such pools is $25,000-$30,000 dollars. However, depending on the amount you are willing to spend on the purchase of an inground pool and the size of your yard, you can choose any option from the size grid. It is clear that the smaller the pool, the cheaper it will be, and the larger the more expensive.

Pool Size (feet)Price
10×20$18,000 – $26,000
12×24$14,400 – $37,440
14×28$19,600 – $48,750
16×32$25,600 – $66,560
18×36$32,400 – $84,240
20×40$40,000 – $104,000

Cost to install an inground pool

After you buy an inground pool, you need to choose the formula by which you will install it.

You can purchase a turn-key pool package from the pool dealer, which will include the entire installation process, from the excavation work to the installation of the cover. Such projects cost from $35000 to $100000 and free you from any hassle during the pool installation. You only invite the craftsmen and check the results of the work.

If you want to save a few thousand dollars and have some technical skills, you can install the pool yourself. However, you should understand that you will need to pay for equipment rental, earthwork, water, backfill material, plumbing, and technical equipment for the pool. In some cases, it is tens of thousands of dollars, and there is virtually no difference between buying a turnkey package and installing it yourself. So in each individual case, compare the price of a turnkey package with the costs described above to assess what is more cost-effective.

In our opinion, it will still be better if your pool will be installed by a professional. Given the high cost of materials, then minimal errors during the self-installation of the pool, in the long run, will cost you much more than the work of a master. It is not worth it. In addition, the turnkey package includes service for several years after installation, so you won’t have to worry about possible breakdowns all that time.

Cost of a mini inground pool

mini inground pool

Mini inground pools are pools less than 26 feet long and up to 12 or 13 feet wide. They cost no more than 10,000 — 15,000 dollars. This is an ideal option if you are buying a pool for children or for passive relaxation. In fact, for a budget of 3 times less, you get the same opportunities as in the case of buying a large pool. However, such a pool is certainly not suitable for intensive swimming.

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Is inground pool worth the money?

The inground pool costs quite a lot of money. You will have to spend at least $50,000 dollars. For most of us, this is a very serious amount. But you should also understand the possibilities that such a pool provides you.

In your yard, you get a place where your whole family can relax and play sports. You no longer have to spend hours in traffic jams to get to the nearest commercial pool or spa centre. Everything will be at your home. Moreover, unlike classic pools, the construction of an inground pool will not litter your yard with many pipes and pumps but will look very aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, yes, the inground pool is worth the money.


In general, the purchase of an underground pool is an opportunity to enjoy relaxation and swimming without curvature the aesthetics of your yard with various plumbing fixtures that always accompany the installation of classic pools. On the other hand, an underground pool will cost much more than classic models.

Therefore, in our opinion, if you can spend at least $50,000 on the purchase of a pool, then only choose an inground pool. In any case, such a pool will be better than any alternative option at the same price. However, if you don’t have that amount, then you’d better consider other options.


💵 What is the average price of an inground pool?

The average price of an inground pool varies depending on the size and material. On average, the price of the required equipment and installation is $50,000.

🏊 How much does it cost to install an inground pool?

If you buy a turnkey pool project, the installation will be included in the base price. If you will install the pool yourself, the average installation price will be $20,000-$30,000.

🗜️ What materials are inground pools made of?

Inground pools are made of concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl. The selected material affects the price of the pool. You can read more in our article.

🛒 Which type of inground pool is the cheapest?

Vinyl inground pools are the least expensive type of inground pool. Read more in our article.

🌊 What is the price of a mini inground pool?

Mini inground pools are pools less than 26 feet long and up to 12 or 13 feet wide. They cost no more than 10,000 — 15,000 dollars.

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