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Muriatic Acid At Your Pool: Safe Guide for Beneficial Use

When it comes to pool maintenance, you don’t want to spend too much money and time, right? But at the same time, there is no desire to deal with dangerous chemicals. 

Muriatic acid is a contradictory tool, since some people find it cheap and strong, while others see using this acid as playing with fire. But where is the truth? And whether muriatic acid is suitable for your pool and needs?

We did vast research to determine the pros and cons of using muriatic acid in the pool, what it can be used for, and how to use it with a minimum hazard. Are you ready to discover all the secrets? So let’s begin!

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Muriatic Acid in Pool: What Is It, and What Can It Change?

If looking for muriatic acid, you may find a hydrochloric one. They are similar, but at the same time have main distinctions. Hydrochloric acid is a pure chemical, while muriatic acid has impurities (for example, iron). As a result, hydrochloric acid is used mostly in labs and muriatic acid is popular for use in various industrial and house holding purposes.

And as we mentioned its popularity, it is time to figure out where you can beneficially use it. We are here for its best purpose – pH and total alkalinity reduction. Also, muriatic acid is a nice helper for cleaning pool cartridges. Moreover, removing rust and scale buildups from metal surfaces is muriatic acid’s job as well. However, it won’t leave you in trouble even if you have stains and scale buildups on the masonry and concrete surfaces.

muriatic acid pool

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Is Using Muriatic Acid Safe?

Muriatic acid has a lot of benefits you can gain from using it. But using muriatic acid is dangerous, isn’t it? Yes, with a wrong attitude to this highly corrosive chemical, you can harm yourself and your pool, damage your equipment, clothes, etc. 

You can, however, safely experience muriatic acid’s advantages with proper instructions. This is like any other tool. For example, a lack of knowledge of how to use a hammer can lead to injuries, but once you master it you can even build a house. 

Reasons Why Your pH and Total Alkalinity Levels Are Too High

Since the main application of muriatic acid in the pool is lowering the pH and total alkalinity levels, let’s find out what are the reasons for them to rise. 

High pH level
High total alkalinity level
Hard water
Stagnant debris
Overuse of chlorine chemicals
Overuse of alkaline chemicals
Low water usage
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muriatic acid pool

Instructions: Safe And Effective Muriatic Acid Usage

We have already discovered the importance of the proper use of muriatic acid. So, we prepared step-by-step guidance for you to ensure safe and beneficial use. 

🌅 Test your pool water. Use test strips or a kit to determine the required chemical levels. It is essential to know the exact pH and total alkalinity levels so that you can plan your next steps.

🧮 Calculate the needed dosage. The table below will facilitate your calculations on what amount of muriatic acid to add based on your pool volume.

🥽 Preparation. As muriatic acid is highly corrosive, there are some precautions to follow. Firstly, your “muriatic” costume should consist of acid-resistant gloves and an apron, goggles, a respirator, and shoes if you want to. To add muriatic acid, however, you will need some tools as well: a plastic bucket and a plastic or wooden stirrer.

P.S. Don’t forget to turn the pool pump on. Improved water flow will reduce the time required for muriatic acid to dissolve.

⛽ Adding process. Once everything is ready, let’s start adding the muriatic acid. Based on the table below, you will need to fill your bucket with water, which should be x10 to the needed muriatic acid dosage. For example, if you are going to add 24 oz of acid, you will need to dilute it in about two gallons of water. When water and acid are in the bucket, simply mix them with your stirrer.

muriatic acid pool

💥 Remember that adding water to the bucket first is crucial for your safety.

Fine, your bucket is ready to be emptied in your pool. But how do you do it for the best result? Take your bucket and gradually pour the liquid into your pool. However, you don’t want to stay but slowly walk along the edge of the pool. In this way, muriatic acid will be able to distribute evenly and you won’t inhale any fumes. 

⏳ Wait a bit. When added, muriatic acid will need some time to do its job. In general, it takes about several hours. After that, test your pool water again to find out if you require any additional steps (whether it is necessary to add more muriatic acid or more chemicals to balance the levels).

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How Much Muriatic Acid To Add To The Pool?

Maintaining the proper chemical levels is crucial for avoiding any problems, right? This table is perfect for figuring out what amount of muriatic acid you require for your pool and your current pH level. 

Your pH levelYour pool volume
1000 Gallons5000 Gallons10000 Gallons15000 Gallons20000 Gallons
7.6 – 7.81.25 oz6 oz12 oz18 oz24 oz
7.8 – 8.01.5 oz8 oz16 oz24 oz32 oz
8.0 – 8.42.5 oz12 oz24 oz40 oz48 oz
>8.4 3 oz16 oz32 oz48 oz64 oz

📜 These are average dosages. Remember that even if the amount of muriatic acid mentioned in the table won’t drop your pH level to the desired one, you will always be able to add more.

What If I Added Too Much Muriatic Acid?

Too low pH or total alkalinity levels after adding muriatic acid can be a sign of its overuse. That is not a concern if you notice it in time. So what should you do to solve this issue?

Low chemical levels need something to raise them, right? In this case, you will need to add a pH increaser or baking soda. This will stabilize your pool water levels. However, don’t neglect to test the water after adding a pH increaser or baking soda several hours after as well.

muriatic acid pool

Muriatic Acid as a Cleaner for Your Pool

As we mentioned that you could clean your pool with muriatic acid earlier, we have to tell you everything about it. 

To start a pool cleaning, muriatic acid dilution is required. A big bucket is a perfect capacity for this action. All you need to do is to mix water with acid in 20 to one proportion. Then remove your pool cartridges and spay them with simple water. After that, place your cartridges in the bucket with diluted acid. Let them stay overnight. The next day, just rinse them to ensure they are clean. 

📞 Reminder:
Don’t forget to add water first.

If you drain your pool, it is possible to clean its wall similarly. All you require is your protection “muriatic” costume (remember?) and the same diluted acid. Firstly, wash all the walls with a brush to remove all the build-up and dirt. Secondly, let muriatic acid stay for several hours, so it will do its job perfectly. And finally, thoroughly rinse the pool. 

✨ Voilà, now you can enjoy well-balanced water and a shiny, clear pool!

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Are There Any Alternatives to Muriatic Acid?

One of the most popular muriatic acid competitors is sodium bisulfate. Even though they have the same task, these two have a lot of differences.

💪🏻 Strength. Muriatic acid is much stronger than sodium bisulfate. But that difference in strength is a cause for their general differences.

🧪 Safety and Application. Since muriatic acid is more concentrated, you have to take precautions to ensure your safety. We recommend you have special protection clothes and tools for dilution. Also, you need the capacity to safely store muriatic acid at. In turn, sodium bisulfate is a powder you can store and use with fewer worries. 

💰 Price. Muriatic acid used to be much cheaper than sodium bisulfate, but its price is explained by all the actions you should take to ensure your and your pool’s safety. While sodium bisulfate is more expensive, it will be much easier for you to use and store it. 

Anyway, both of them are good solutions for your pool maintenance. But you will be able to find your perfect match only by trying each of them.

Final Thoughts

If you are still unsure about investing in muriatic acid, just give it a try. We can feel your worries about safety, but that is why we spend dozens of hours researching all the tips to make your user experience maximum safe and easy. 

Also, don’t neglect that tip we gave you, remember? If you take all the reasons that cause your pH and total alkalinity level to rise under control, you’ll ease your maintenance routine. Since if your chemical levels are good, you don’t need to spend money and time trying to balance them.

Overall, we find muriatic acid as a versatile tool. With its help, you can balance proper chemical levels and even clean your pool walls. It’s no doubt that mastering this chemical will let you spend less time and money maintaining your pool.


💚 Will Muriatic Acid Clear the Green Pool?

Unfortunately, not, muriatic acid is used for lowering pH and total alkalinity levels. However, maintaining your pool’s chemical levels will protect you from green water.

💥 What Happens if You Put Too Much Muriatic Acid in the Pool?

If you put too much muriatic acid by mistake, your pH, and total alkalinity levels will drop too low. But it’s crucial to take action immediately – you should add a pH up or some baking soda to return the balance.

❓ Is Muriatic Acid Better Than Chlorine?

Muriatic acid and chlorine are different chemicals. Muriatic acid is used for lowering pH and total alkalinity levels, while chlorine is used as a sanitizer to kill bacteria. But anyway, you will need to use both of them to maintain safe and well-balanced pool water.

🥼 Is Muriatic Acid Safe to Swim In?

You don’t want to swim in pure muriatic acid, ha-ha. You won’t notice any traces of this chemical in your pool when added properly a few hours later. So to be sure about your safety, just follow our step-by-step instructions.

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