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7 Little-Known Ways To Ease Your Hot Tub Debris Removal

Do you always sigh, when it comes to hot tub debris removal? Oh, we understand you. So it is a great opportunity to explore the best methods to lighten this process. We have many things to try in our arsenal to make your hot tub debris removal effective and even fun. Some of them will need money to invest, while others can be done with toys you can borrow from your kids! 

But if you have problems with a huge amount of debris that you are not able to remove manually, feel free to use a hot tub vacuum to make your cleaning easy-breezy! 

So, let’s not waste time and figure out what your next steps should be to easily make your hot tub shine!

How Does Debris Get To Your Hot Tub?

Understanding the sources of debris is a good starting point. We divide them into two groups: Environmental and human pollution. Environmental debris gets into your spa on its own. It could be leaves, bugs, or dust kicked up by the wind or rain. Human contamination can be hair or dead skin cells, for example, but keep in mind that people can also bring environmental contaminants. This is due to improper relaxing preparation. For example, one of your friends might forget to shower, and, as a result, mud from his leg gets into your spa water.

We’ve already found the best hot tub vacuum cleaners to ease your debris removal!

Drain Some Water to Remove Debris

Draining water during hot tub debris removal is an option when you can’t, or it’s simply time and energy-consuming to clean dirt or debris. Also, if the water in your area is quite cheap, it may be even more profitable for you to drain the water instead of spending time trying to remove debris without any water loss.

But even if you can’t drain your hot tub, we’ve prepared some time-tested, effective methods that will facilitate your debris removal. 

How to Clean Hot Tub Without Draining Water

We have researched many tools and methods to help you achieve stress-free hot tub debris removal. Even if there is dirt on the bottom, with these methods you’ll clean it anyway! 

🧽 Hint: If there is any debris settled on the bottom or walls of your hot tub, you need to scrape it off with a brush, so it will float. This step will facilitate your debris removal and will make it much more effective.

Skimmer Net

This is one of the first tools to come to mind while thinking about hot tub debris removal. And there is a reason for that. A skimmer net is a simple and cheap way to eliminate debris, especially big ones like leaves, bugs, etc. But using it won’t be effective in removing sand (or other similar dirt) from the bottom of your hot tub. Consider having a net as an additional tool for your hot tub debris removal.

💼 Verdict:
Skimmer net is a cheap and easy-to-use solution that is perfect for large debris, but is ineffective against the ones at the bottom.
hot tub debris removal

Spa Vacuum Or Spa Wand

Investing in a spa vacuum or a wand may be the best choice for the hot tub debris removal routine. These tools are the greatest at doing their job. By spending a couple of dozen of bucks you’ll save time, energy, and water, and forget about any stress while doing hot tub debris removal. 

What are the differences between a spa vacuum and a spa wand? A spa vacuum is an automatic tool that usually has a battery, while a spa wand is a manual tool. Spa wands are very compact and perfect for removing almost any kind of debris. Since spa vacuums are more powerful, you can use them to suck bigger sizes of debris in large quantities. 

hot tub debris removal


Siphon is a tool that can be bought or made with existing details in the storehouse. We find it rational to try using a self-made siphon to understand how it works and whether it gives you the desired effect. 

To construct it, you’ll need a garden hose and a bucket. Grab both ends of your hose and fulfill them with water. Then you quickly drop one end onto the drain or into the bucket, and at the same time place the other end into the tub. Consider the bucket or drain placed lower than the hot tub (this is a main siphon rule!). The water will then flow down the hose due to gravity, creating a vacuum that pulls the water up and over the top of the hose. It may sound complicated, so check the picture below for easy comprehension.

Siphon water flow pattern
Siphon water flow pattern

P.S. You could simply suck from the lower end to get the siphon working

💼 Verdict:
Siphon is a practical and easy-to-construct-and-use tool. But the only disadvantage is that you may lose a small part of the water.

Turkey Baster

You’ll be surprised, but some kitchen appliances may even help you remove your hot tub debris. Imagine, you are going to take a bubbly relaxation on a sunny day, but notice sand on the bottom. Not so inviting, isn’t it? Here is where turkey baster can save your chill session and ease hot tub debris removal. 

hot tub debris removal

The instructions are super easy: simply squeeze the bulb, then drain it to the place on the bottom where it is sand. Release the bulb, so the tip of the turkey baster will suck all the sand. The only precaution is when the sand is sucked, you should not squeeze the bulb until your turkey baster is outside the hot tub as you don’t want your sand to return to the bottom.

💼 Verdict:
A turkey baster is an excellent option for a small amount of debris on the bottom (as the debris pile will take you an eternity to get rid of). Also, once you’ve used your turkey baster for the hot tub debris removal, you’ll need a new one for the kitchen.

Silly Putty

And let’s look in your kid’s toy box now. Is it any silly putty that your child forgets about? If the answer is positive, then our congratulations! 

Silly putty is a waterproof solution for your hot tub debris removal. Just place it on the bottom of the hot tub and roll over sand and other debris. As a result, they will cling to your silly putty, and you’ll have a clean hot tub bottom.

Silly Putty
💼 Verdict:
A silly putty is a cheap option for small-sized debris. You won’t be able to clean a big amount of sand, dirt, etc. at once, as silly putty is a small toy. Also consider the fact, that it uses to stop being so sticky over time.


The first question to raise in your mind may be: ”What is it?” Grit-gitter is a hand-held vacuum. How does it work? Well, it is similar to a turkey baster, but the key difference is that you can squeeze grit-gitter as many times as it takes to fulfill it. Also, grit-gitter makes your hot tub debris removal easier as it has a much wider tip compared to a turkey baster.

💼 Verdict:
Grit-gitter can help you clear the bottom of your hot tub. But as with turkey baster, it is perfect for a small amount of debris. If there are “dunes” of sand or quite a big area is covered with dirt, grit-gitter may not be the best option.

Kid’s Water Blaster

Using a water blaster during hot tub debris removal can remind a spa wand. The distinction is that a water blaster takes some water with sand or dirt, while a spa wand doesn’t. But on the other hand, you don’t have to invest a penny in a spa wand since you can borrow a blaster from your child (Family tip: you can not only get rid of debris but create a funny water blasting game with your kids).

Kid’s Water Blaster
💼 Verdict:
You can turn your kid’s water blaster into a useful hot tub debris removal tool without additional expenses. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to remove large debris (like broken leaves), but cleaning sand is a possible task.

Tips on How to Prevent Debris From Getting in Your Hot Tub

You won’t need to remove hot tub debris if there won’t any debris, right? So let’s find out what actions to take to have little or no debris. 

We were talking about environmental and human sources of debris earlier, remember? The only way to prevent environmental pollutants from getting into your hot tub is to make it impossible. How? Just cover it up!

Human sources of debris are much easier to control. You and your hot tubs guests should take a shower before getting into the hot tub. Also, as having a bubbly chill may need to pass some distance to the hot tub, you’ll need to clear your feet (to avert any sand on the bottom). The simplest way to organize it is to set up a small bucket with water where it’ll be possible to quickly wash your feet or some kind of fleecy rug to remove any dirt or sand.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found some methods or tips to help make removing debris from your hot tub a breeze. Do not neglect cleaning your hot tub once you notice sand or dirt, as this will ensure healthy and inviting water that you will enjoy relaxing in. And remember that if there is too much debris to easily remove with described methods, you can check our list of best hot tub vacuums at any moment. 

Also, once you know the best ways to do a removal, don’t ignore protecting your hot tub from environmental debris. And as there is human debris too, you can improve your bubbly preparation to minimize any contaminant impact on your hot tub.

Oops! We almost forgot to remind you: “Once you cleaned the hot tub, don’t forget to return any borrowed toys to your kids!”


⛲ How Do You Get Debris Out of a Hot Tub Without Draining the Water?

First, scrape off the dirt with a brush if it has settled. The next step is to use a skimmer net, spa vacuum, or wand to remove the debris from the spa without losing water.

🧹 How Do You Get Fine Sediment Out of a Hot Tub?

Use your garden hose to suck the water with the debris from the bottom of the hot tub. To do this, simply place one end of the hose on the floor while placing the other in a bucket.

🧽 How Do You Get Dirt Out of the Bottom of the Spa?

There are a lot of ways to do that. The most popular way is to use a spa vacuum or wand, which lets you eliminate debris without draining. Or just make a siphon with your garden hose and use a bucket, to not waste the water.

🗑 Why Is There Debris in My Hot Tub?

There are several ways for debris to get in your hot tub: environmental and human. Environmental debris includes leaves, dust, sand, and dirt that can be brought by the wind, for example. Human debris can contain some hair and other body contaminants. Due to improper swimming preparation, people take sand and other dirt with them.

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